Fields of Níjar

Farmhouse of the Friar, Fields of Níjar
Within the municipality of Níjar, in the area of the Hornillo’s river basin and in the center of a valley surrounded by hills and reliefs Loma Pelada, stands Cortijo de “El Fraile” (Almería, Spain)

The project’s aim was get a use which turned the Cortijo back to the life. This proposal was make it work as it used to do it but in addition should be included today’s lifestyle benefits.

The Project’s development


This Cortijo can be considered as the best example of a large farmhouse built to serve a vast property of agropastoral exploitation. Although built in the late eighteenth century by the Dominicans, was the late nineteenth century when, after the confiscation process, began to consolidate as large complex agropastoral (the fold Concejil del Fraile) characteristic of the rural economy Níjar.

El Cortijo, worked as the core of which depended, in addition to wells and cattle troughs scattered throughout the area, other smaller estates where pastors and sharecroppers lived.
This place is also known as one in which the events that inspired the work of Federico Garcia Lorca, “Blood Wedding” and Carmen de Burgos in his “Dagger of Carnations.”


The Ecortijo of the Friar has been published in the architecture magazine  Future Arquitecturas 33-34



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