Hallo! I’m Patricia   architect b

Esto es una plaza. A public square. The small square in my neighbourhood where people meet to share who they are. I am sharing what I do, so, I am sharing what I am. What I was, what I just be, what I am being and I hope what I will be.        There are original projects (academics) and collaboratives projects (Silerus Collective).

The aim of this blog is connecting a square with another one, and then another, and so on. It is an attempt to increase the knowledge. A (an own) connected Square.

I think the architecture needs to be connected, be part and be able to create a more collaborative environment between technicians and users (citizens). The transformation of a neighborhood that has been inhabited for a long time by the same people, should be made with all those people to decide the changes that will be programmed into it.

So, I will keep on working …;)



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